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About us


To many of us, life has changed so much after COVID. As the world slowed down, we rediscovered the value of balance, of escaping the concrete jungle for the rejuvenating embrace of the great outdoors, especially for those who have pets in their life. We forge an even deeper bond with them, as they become not just companions but guides on our journey to reconnect with the natural world. 

That's when BRUNO'S SHOP was born.  A brand that represents a new life style, where luxury meets practicality for the modern pet owner. At BRUNO'S SHOP, we understand the importance of a smooth transition between city living and outdoor adventures, so we offer practical solutions for you and your dog by prioritising the comfort and safety of your furry companions in every urban or natural setting. The collection is meticulously crafted to shield your pets from the elements, ensuring they stay cozy and protected no matter the weather. A we bridge the gap between city chic and natural elegance with unmatched style and sophistication.

Enjoy every minute with those who we love deeply!